We at SANKO, having 28 years' experience in creating and installation of the right communication scent are working closely with the managers of medium and large size businesses and we can help them to create ways to improve the multi sensory experience of their customers.

Sanko, is a provider of professional Brand Scents, sells its products to commercial and institutional businesses, retail establishments, department stores, ho.re.ca., and wherever a pleasant atmosphere is required.  

With the right choice of your brand's communication scent, you will become even more adept at the multi-sensory experience that visitors, colleagues, friends and customers will get from their visit to your business premises will take this experience with them and spread it to others !



R&D Brand Scent Creation

Speros was the founder of Mega Systems and Co-founder of SANKO Corp., and     R & D of the Scent Sensory series. He has been helping companies plan and execute in-store Brand Scent applications and brand scent remodels for more than 28 years.


Speros, is R&D in Brand Scent Development and applications.

It has built up the aromatic directions and created the well-known Pathos and the sophisticated Aristo as well as has directed many important lines of designer fragrances such as Mango Delight & Original Mango, Marvelous Musk and has developed many other product olfactory directions such as fresh baked bread, hotel clean & Fresh, melon fresh, strawberry delicious, etc.

His skills and commitment to the brand's personality values ​​is proof of confidence from the best-known brands in the market.

Nick Koulouridis

Head of Development

Nick, leads and manages a team of professionals to develop a strategy for the team to meet the company’s goals and objectives, and to improve the quality of the Scent service it delivers supporting the in-store marketing of any Brand. Responsible for the quality and technical approach taken by team members, ensuring it is in-line with the company strategy. Creating and maintaining a professional culture within the team, where individuals take ownership and are proud of delivering excellence and quality to our customers.

Bill Kalodoukas

Key Account Executive

Bill, is the key responsible manager for the development of new strategic partnerships.

He is responsible for creating strong relationships and is the lead point of contact for all new key client matters.

He's purpose is anticipate the client’s needs, work within the company to ensure deadlines and promises for client are met, and help our business partners and friends succeed.

George Karr 

Head of Tech Applications

George, has a very important task, the monthly follow of replacing the scent refills and also the development of new business relationships in the Western suburbs of Athens.


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