In Store Communication​

The purposeful design and deployment of the interaction between the Senses in order to stimulate a consumers relationship with your brand; and to foster a lasting emotional connection that optimizes purchasing and brand loyalty


Delivering Customers

       your Brand Scent Personality
    to get you results
"A Brand is made of Love and Dreams''

The Art of Brand Scent 

Brand Scents are unique and similar to masterpieces what are the reflection of what is ''hidden''. When we smell imagine that the molecules will open several small windows inside our mind and through these windows we can see the image of something special. Compare the scent molecule that enters our nose with a very complex key. Its shape and pressure will force the opening of a unique coffer inside our mind. Similar Keys will open other unique coffers located in the same region. But this coffer, is actually a window where we can see the ''landscape''! (the Brand Image consumers have in their mind)

Brand Personality​

Just like people, brand has a personality.

Personality is a key issue in our society

The concept of Brand Personality combines inside-out and outside-in; identity and image.

A personality has its roots in the identity but is strongly externally focused. It is not ''be who you are'', Personality is: Who you should be!


Consumers were asked which of their senses where most important when recognizing brands. Scent is recognized as second most important after sight.

Sight 58%, Smell 49%, Sound 37%, Taste 30%, Touch 23%.

Survey Millward Brown and Martin Lindstrom '' Brand Sense'' (2005)

"Good Scent Design Come From the Heart not from the Brain''
"Brand Scent Creativity is dreaming with the Brand Personality
 to find the marvelous world of
Scent Sensory"